July Radio Update

We find ourselves at the end of July and the numbers continue to blow me away every time I look.  In the last 90 days, over 1800 people have listened to or downloaded our daily radio programs! June being our biggest month yet with almost 1000 downloads! The total lifetime number of downloads is over 3700 since January!!!  We’ve had listeners from the USA (of course), Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Zambia, Spain, England, South Africa, Spain!!!  It’s incredible!   All of this has been done with virtually ZERO budget! Just a little bit of time and effort.  We serve a mighty God!

We don’t share this to “toot our own horn.”  It’s not about “us.” it’s about HIM and what He is doing thru this little ministry.  This is a global reach that we never had on regular FM Radio. Even the podcast of the Sunday morning worship service has seen over 300 downloads in the last 90 days! That’s incredible!  We are thankful for what God is doing and believe people are being changed by the Word!

In His Service

David Keener

Chairman – Roxford Media Ministries